Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Over-sleepers Anonymous

Hello. My name is sunshine and I am an over-sleeper.

Yes, I see the irony. But, it was my mom who named me. She is one of those early birds who wakes up at times that are technically the middle of the night. Little did she know that the apple would fall from the tree and land on a whole other lazy planet.

It started with a couple of hits of the snooze button. Just one or 2 a day, I swear! But then the habit accrued. I needed to hit the snooze at least a dozen times before I could start my day. And how this has affected my life!

I have been shaken - but I have not stirred. I have also been pinched, tickled and jumped on by toddlers - all in vain. I have been labeled a 'lazy-bum', a 'sloth' and even a 'lethargophillic' with complete disregard for my feelings. When it's hot, the fan has been pitilessly switched off and I have been left to suffer in sweat. When it's cold, my blanket has been brutally snatched away. I whined and cuddled back into bed. The maid yelled at me and hit me with the broom - only to elicit my appeals for just 5 more minutes of sleep.

When resorting to provocation, blackmail and terrorism and making a victim out of my innocent little snuggly bears also proved fruitless - my parents resigned (My mom, unable to digest these antithetic characteristics, speculated baby-swapping at the hospital). Every morning, my commute to school was an unsuccessful race against the clock.

Living with room-mates - once again brave souls attempted to awaken me from my slumber, only to be frustrated, baffled, overwhelmed and disheartened. One got so worried, she checked to see if I was still breathing!

My over-sleeping habits turned chronic. I had traded in my alarm clock for louder and more obnoxious sounding ones. And every time I hit the snooze button. When I finally did make it to class, my day-dreams featured visions of my bed and my pillow!

I made excuses of exhaustion. Tiresome, ain't it? I made New Year resolutions. But, I partied so hard on the 31st - I slept through New Year Day!

Lately, I have found that I hesitate when it comes to hitting the snooze. This could either mean that I'm improving or that my laziness has hit the stratosphere!

So, here I am. My name is sunshine and I am an over-sleeper!



sunshine said...

apologies to those who commented on this post...
my blog had some problems.. so i had to re-post.. and i lost ur comments in the process :(

pavan kumar said...

so, my big Q: did you post this in your sleep? :P

it is abt productivity during the day that makes 'the day' (as if you didnt know).. so chill!

Wriju said...

Looks like I have some serious competition now! If I have to wake up early I'd rather not sleep ;-)

siriroop said...

most of the advices I get from morning concerning chores start with "Udemagothlu enduta..." in Tamil which roughly translates in english as "After getting up early in the morning..." I have stopped asking for too much advice :) Welcome to the club!

sunshine said...

@pavan : chilling is what i'm good at!

@wriju : ya.. when i wanna check out a sun-rise.. i jus stay up!

@siriroop : ha ha... thanx!

Prashanth said...

Come, join Oversleepers Anonymous. I'm the undisputed leader at the moment :)

Westward said...

You feel ambivalent about getting out of bed; you just don't care.

Sure, sure, sure, you know you should, should, should, but you just don't care, so you don't, don't, don't.

This is not surprising and it isn't, necessarily, because getting out of bed is a sacrifice (for everyone who ever does it). However, that is a piece of the puzzle.

A child leaps out of bed because his mother tells him too and he has a strong desire to give her what she wants, to please her and obey her. Another child doesn't, because she is ambivalent about giving mommy what she wants, pleasing her and obeying her.

Why does the boy feel eager and the girl ambivalent: because mommy is eager to give the boy what he wants and ambivalent about giving the girl what she wants. It is clear that kids are either eager, ambivalent or rebellious, about giving mommy what she wants. Apparently, this attitude towards mother translates into an attitude towards life. (remember, the exception doesn't prove the rule and it is a matter of degrees)

There is no secular cure for this; there is only God, but it should help to know the nuts and bolts of it, that is: if you want to give God what he wants, to please him and obey him. Otherwise, you are doomed. Although, I suppose you might find solace in another master for awhile. Eventually, you will revert to your old habits, because mommy will always be the closest thing to God in your life.

Etheris said...

You guys think this is funny; and it is, but I'm starting to think it is having a serious and negative effect on my life!